The sponsors of Bubba Wallace decide on a new vehicle

The NASCAR community found out about Bubba Wallace's Specal chance on Wednesday afternoon.

Wallace wll be Driving No. 45 Vehicles in the owners playoff, according to the report NASCAR insider Bob Pokrass.

Bubba Wallace drve the No. 45 For the remainder of the season because the 23XL No. 45 Vehicles is competing in the Owner Playoffs, According to the Pokrass.

Wallace's 45-yard Run Provides the Squad Additional Experience while also giving waalace some postseason Experience.

Wallace's must experience must change ther from receving the 45 vehicles. He will be able to maintain the sponsers Since he is hiring Bootie Barker to be hs crew chief for the remainder of the race.

"Wallace Maintain his Backers and the 45 Automobile Sponsers Swtch to the 23" According to the Pockrass.

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