Stars Celebrating Pride 2022

Madonna performs at the Sandbox show for Pride in NYC on June 23, 2022. She wore yellow short shorts and a metallic corset top for the performance.

Madonna kisses rapper Tokischa in front of an audience at New York Pride on June 23, 2022. The craftsmen put on a physically charged act while shaking ribald outfits.

Madonna flaunts her dance moves while performing at the Sandbox NYC Pride Show. She wore network leggings and short shorts in front of an audience.

Madonna raises a ruckus around town for her NYC Pride show in 2022. She flaunted some dance moves in front of an audience as she engaged the group.

Paula Abdul looked radiant in a white dress dispersed with rainbow sequins while filling in as Grande Marshall of LA Pride on Jun 12, 2022.

Christina Aguilera looks scorching during her unseemly exhibition at LA Pride 2022: LA Pride in the Park on Jun. 11, 2022.

Neon dream! Christina Aguilera puts on an act in a cutting edge neon green bodysuit with modern shoulders and spikes on the chest.

Christina Aguilera goes to her Pride Pop-Up occasion in West Hollywood on June 8, 2022. She wore a dark shirt with sheer sleeves.