Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz Are Kicking Off the Rom-Com Renaissance

Fortunately, starting today, it shows up there's potential for the romantic comedy hungry among us

 Our high priestess Cameron Diaz as of late declared that she would be "un-resigning" — and, furthermore

making her victorious re-visitation of the big screen in a Netflix film named Back in real life that likewise stars Jamie Foxx. 

I couldn't say whether these two insane children will wind up getting together.

I really do realize it's been excessively since a long time ago I watched Diaz in a comedic job.

Vogue's most memorable worldwide design local area. 

 I am simply so predominantly delighted to hear that we're getting new, 

It's been a long neglected season loaded up with dull non mainstream films,

 I have less conceptive privileges than my mom did at my age