disney world fans say theyre renouncing trips in new survey/

A family vacation to Walt Disney World Resort is more expensive than ever and fans are noticing, according to a new poll.

92.6% of those surveyed believed the cost of a Disney World vacation is out of reach for an average family.

he cost for a standard one-park day ticket on Friday, Sept. 16 is $134, though prices of tickets vary by date.

Standard Walt Disney World tickets range between $139 and $154 through October, according to Disney World’s website.

Almost 50% of respondents said they postponed a Disney World trip in recent years due to price increases.

When Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, a ticket cost only $3.50. Adjusting for inflation, that would be $22.61 today.

the cost for standard one-park day tickets at Disneyland, Disney’s California park, cost about $149 for Sept. 16.