Travelers check in at a Delta Air Lines counter at Orlando International Airport on July 1, 2022, ahead of the July 4 holiday.

The carrier was said to have offered the cash to every traveler who elected to land the airplane Monday morning.

Inc. magazine tech editorialist Jason Aten composed that he was on the trip with his family when an airline steward requested volunteers over the radio.

Aten said the carrier was looking for eight workers to offer their seats on the oversold flight, and that each volunteer would be given $10,000.

"On the off chance that you have Apple Pay, you'll try and have the cash at the present time," the airline steward expressed, as per Aten.

Aten told Fortune his gathering of eight didn't take Delta up on their proposition since they were not promptly made mindful the number of workers that were required.

"Had we realized it was eight, we would have gotten off," he told the power source. "When that was clear, four or five individuals had proactively left."

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