Canadian Students Buy First Powerball Lottery Ticket for 'Fun' - Wn $48 Million Jackpot!

18-year-old understudy Juliette Lamour won a big stake worth $48 million Canadian dollars on her most memorable time playing the lottery

Juliette, of Sault Ste. Marie told lottery authorities that after her achievement birthday "my granddad recommended I purchase a lottery ticket for the sake of entertainment."

As a matter of fact, she was so new to the experience that she "didn't know what to request."

The college understudy said she was working at that point and that a colleague kept an eye on the ticket for her.

"I didn't see what was happening from the start. I was unable to deal with this news. We sort of made a scene in the store that day!"

"Fortunately my father had the option to sort out that I walked away with that sweepstakes big stake!" she proceeded.

She likewise says her father, who's a monetary organizer, will assist her with putting away the cash.