Brian Windhorst's Question For The "First Take" Panel Is Going Viral

Stephen A. Smith wasn't on ESPN's First Take this Friday, however NBA insider Brian Windhorst gave a valiant effort to keep the crowd locked in.

During this Friday's show, Windhorst had the remainder of the board charmed and confounded by his fear inspired notion in regards to the Utah Jazz.

How about we simply say Windhorst was exceptionally befuddled by the Jazz's choice to exchange Royce O'Neale.

"There was an exchange yesterday between the Utah Jazz and the Brooklyn Nets," Windhorst said. "It was an exceptionally unusual exchange - extremely bizarre

To spare the nitty-gritty details, Windhorst is addressing assuming the Jazz will continue on from their headliners this offseason.

NBA fans can't get enough of this video. Some are saying it's Windhorst's best turn out yet for ESPN.

The truth will surface eventually assuming that the Jazz really explode their list. In the event that they do, Windhorst can glance back at this clasp happily.