Aaron Boone explains Aaron Judge’s surprise absence from Yankees lineup vs Red Sox

one day after Aaron Judge drove the Yankees' charge against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a 16-0 laugher, the right defender will rest as opposed to play the opener of a four-game set at Fenway Park.

At the point when the setup dropped, it didn't take an extremely observant fan to see a shaking change in the ordinary turn.

Anthony Rizzo, doing combating lower back solidness, will miss his third consecutive game.

Judge, then again, will sit to begin this one after likewise passing on the series finale in Cleveland and getting a Monday off day with the other fellas.

Are the Yankees up 14.0 games on the whole AL East? Indeed. Is this frenzy time? No.

A three-opening Matt Carpenter doesn't precisely strike dread in that frame of mind of Red Sox Nation, as noteworthy as he's been.

Judge has been doing combating a "lower body irritation thing" for some time, and may be utilized to sub in Thursday's challenge a day after he soared a huge homerun into left field at PNC Park.