How to Unlock the FM Radio Hidden on Your Smartphone

Did you know that if you own a smartphone, you are also carrying an FM radio in your pocket? Every smartphone manufactured today contains an FM chip, but unlike in Europe, most in the U.S. are not activated. Increasingly, the device that people use for connecting to the world is their smartphone. For that reason, … Read more

What is an NFT? | How to Create An NFT?

Hello friends, all of you must have heard about NFT, but what is this NFT? You would not know this. Many questions come in your mind regarding NFT. But you could not find the answer to those questions? That’s why today we are going to tell you in this post what is NFT? And are … Read more

How to Take Screenshot On Windows & Mackbook

How to Take Screenshot On Windows & Mackbook

Friends, many times you want to save some useful thing on your laptop, then you can keep it as a screenshot. But many times you do not know that how do we get screenshots on our laptop. Many times you try to take screenshots on a Windows/Mackbook laptop but you are not able to succeed. … Read more